My favourite places to travel to are those that aren’t well known. I love to find the secret places that only the locals know about and that are definitely off the tourist trail. Okay, so Norway is definitely on the tourist trail, at least the Fjords are, but what is going on in the rest of the country?

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Charming Chatsworth

The Chatsworth estate is the home of English aristocrats that own half of England. Not only do they own the magnificent house shown in the photos below, but they also seem to own the nearby village, all the buildings there and half the surrounding countryside. Continue reading “Charming Chatsworth”

Cragside, Northumberland

Are you sick of airports? I am!

This time last year we packed up the car and drove north. I had been obsessed with visiting Northumberland and Scotland but couldn’t face the lack of sun and warmth. Last year I bit the bullet and went. And it was FABULOUS!!! Wet and cold but fabulous!! Continue reading “Cragside, Northumberland”