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Oslo (2 nights), Soria Maria Hotel

Gol (1 night), Asgardane Gjestegard

Kinsavarek (3 nights), Kinsavarek Camping

Kinsarvek (3 nights)Bergen, Hardangerfjord, Trolltunga, Flam (excellent craft beer brewery), Borgund stave church, Jotunheimen National Park, Roros.

Favourite bits:

The best bit was hiking to DNT huts in the national parks. We were the only non-Norwegians staying there and felt like we were getting a real insight into the Norwegian culture.  Our favourite hut was Skogadalsboen in Jotunheimen.

Hiking to Trolltunga was difficult but worth it for the photo. It was ridiculously busy though and you have to queue to get your photo taken. There are drones everywhere and people doing stupid stuff at the cliff edge. Kind of stressful but still worth it.

Oslo seems to have the best work life balance. It is surrounded by forrest and utterly stunning. We stayed in a hotel on the hill behind the city next to the ski jumps and had the most amazing views!  It was a short tram ride down to the city.


  • To get to Jotunheim, fly to Oslo and then take a bus. Apparently they leave daily in the summer.
  • Get your DNT membership, hiking maps and general information from the DNT office in Oslo.
  • If you fly to Bergen, you can book a tour that takes you to the Fjords.
  • If you plan to hike to Trolltunga, get there very very early! The car park was almost full when we arrived at 6am.
  • This book is excellent for getting ideas: Wild Guide Scandanavia.

Next trip to Norway:

  • Visit the Lofoten Islands.
  • Take the train between Oslo and Bergen.
  • Cycle Rallarvegen.
  • Stay at the Canvas Hotel.
  • Visit Gerainger Fjord.


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