My London Village – Dulwich & Herne Hill

Some times you can travel all around the world to find that your favourite place is home. I’m always complaining about my home place of London but actually when I look at these pictures I realise how lovely it really is. If only the house prices were cheaper.

Let me show you around. First up we have the gorgeous Dulwich Park.


There is a little duck pond where they rent out paddle boats and kids chase after the wildfowl.

The park is flat with a good tarmac road the whole way around. There is a cute cafe in the old pavilion in the middle, various tennis courts and a few foot ball pitch type things. I love coming down here on a warm day to lay out in the sun and watch all the cute dogs run around.


Dulwich village itself is a little beauty. Not many people know about this area – most would have heard of Notting Hill and Hampstead – they get all the tourists but that’s okay with us locals – it keeps this area nice and peaceful.

The oldest purpose built art gallery also resides here and is open to the public – although the prices are high compared to the free galleries in the centre of town. They have some interesting exhibitions on from time to time and there is a lovely cafe connected to the main building.


On this particular day the leaves were turning gold and the light was amazing with the clear blue skies.


My favourite cafe in the village is Romeo Jones. It’s a tiny little place but they do the most amazing chocolate muffins. I haven’t found better anywhere else.


And across the road is the locals favourite restaurant – Rocca. These guys do the tastiest pizza in London – just good old fashioned Italian pizza cooked to perfection and a absolutely amazing prices.


And next, a little stroll over to Herne Hill. This area has really come along in recent years and Brockwell park is its jewel. The village is spiked about at the northern edge of the park and has about 6 roads leading into it. It’s basically a great big junction but with really cute little independent shops and a really lovely Sunday market.


I prefer this park to Dulwich. The hills give it a bit more character and from the top you can see central London skyscrapers and beyond. I love sitting on the top on a summers day reading my book. There is also a little walled garden and a community garden where you can volunteer.


Not photoed here is the 1930’s lido and its lovely cafe. Both a real draw on the scorching week or two that we usually get in July and August.


I love a good wander though the Sunday market – you never know what treasures you are going to find. My favourites so far are the Cannon and Cannon charcuterie, Wife of Bath cheese and the stall that sells those gorgeous umbrellas.


So, if you get sick of the crowds around Notting Hill and Portoabello road – pay a little visit to us here in South East London.

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