Heavenly Edale

Having grown up reading Enid Blyton books, I am obsessed with the english countryside. And it has lived up to all those childhood dreams. Here the woods truly feel like enchanted forests, and I can easily imagine a reality with wishing chairs, fairies and magical beings of all shapes and sizes.

I can’t wait to get out in the countryside at every opportunity and spend as much time exploring and hiking and finding my way around and getting to know this beautiful land. and there is so much to explore!

I try to book out my summer weekends with camping trips way in advance, otherwise they get booked up with city activities and before I know it the summer has slipped through my fingers.

This summer I booked a few weekends away here in England. one of which was this trip to the Peak District. It’s no short distance from our house, about 5 hours in the car on a bank holiday Friday. Once there we relaxed into our county way of life in no time.

To save money and also because I now really enjoy it, we camped. I used to hate camping – back before I discovered blow up mattresses and hot water bottles. Now I love it. I love the simplicity of life. The smallness of the tent and then the openness of the country around us. I love waking up in the middle of the night and walking to the loo in the dark, eyes up at the sky and taking in the wonder of the universe. I love that I am a part of the dawn and see the sky in all it’s guises  throughout the day and night. Basically I feel completely in tune with nature – for the 48 hours or so.

Anyway, rant over – check out the photos.

Using my ‘amazing places to walk‘ book. I found this gorgeous circular that joins up with the pennine way.

The whole walk I was singing – ‘it’s oh so beautiful’… because it really really was!

We started in the lovely little hamlet of Edale at the foot of the pennine hills. It’s a quiet little place with a few coffee shops and a camp ground.


We donated some money to the mountain search and rescue guys (just in case….) and set off into the trees and across this beautiful wooden bridge.


The path soon lead us through what I can only imagine is what is what those bible dudes meant when they described the land of milk and honey. This place was out of this world beautiful.


The purple heather glowed intensely against the green and chiseled hills.


We climbed gradually through little streams..


…until we reached the last scramble to the top.


Taking a little breather, we savoured the view. And I took a photo of our feet…


We walked along the top of the hill and came across these unusual rock formations – probably blasted into these shapes by the wind over the millennia.

Edd took the opportunity to test his balancing skills!


And then the path turned back downhill along the well paved pennine way, where we met up with many other travellers from far and near.


As we passed back through the luscious farm land a gentle rain began to fall. The pitt patt of the droplets hitting off our rain coats kept us company on the last walk home.


Next up our adventures of getting lost in Gradbach and discovering the most incredible secret cave!

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