Yorkshire Designs

This weekend I visited the breathtaking Beverley Minster in Yorkshire. Yes, yes, I know it’s hardly a revolutionary new home design but my God is it a beautiful and awe inspiring Cathedral. I couldn’t help but imagine all those workmen hundreds of years ago chiseling away stone and wood to create intricate designs and some genius of an architect with the full plan in his mind. I read a novel a while back by Ken Follet called Pillars of the Earth. Its based on the story of a builder that designed and constructed one of these magnificent cathedrals in the middle ages – total page turner I promise! On a more modern note, I also visited the beautiful showroom of Galvin Brothers – a Yorkshire design duo based just around the corner from the Minster.



I passed the Galvin Brothers showroom last Christmas but couldn’t visit as it was closed for the holiday. Finally I am back and ready to visit! Wow – beautiful handcrafted furniture set in a modern bright and whimsical show room.


How beautiful is this table! I also love the cut glass candle holders. IMG_9957IMG_9958

The stools below are locally upholstered and the material is sourced from a Yorkshire material manufacturer called Moons. I think these materials come from their Melton range. I am seriously considering re-upholstering my sofa with this material. IMG_9932IMG_9946

I met the brothers’ lovely mum who was commandeering the showroom. Lovely woman! She was the best sales person for the job and told us the back story to the business. Funnily enough her son used to live around the corner from me in London! IMG_9947

The showroom was cleverly designed with a range of different flooring and wall colours such that they could use it as a photography studio when needed! Great idea! Hence the random photos of the flooring – I especially love the wooden floor boards above and the pebble effect on the photo before that. IMG_9938

So that was my lovely foray into Yorkshire interiors. If you fancy seeing a few photos of the fabulous minster scroll below. Until next time!!

How cool is that organ! Very Harry Potter-esque!


Woman feeding birds and a dragon like creature!



I wonder who these guys are?IMG_9975


Magical lighting!IMG_9988

Very Dapper!IMG_9983


And that is all! If you fancy visiting Beverley minster be sure to stick around for a tour of the roof space – it is incredible!! And you see the minster from a completely different perspective – literally!



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